Useful Online Resources For Creative People 對創作人有用的網上資源

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This list will be accumulated and updated as new resource comes out daily, I promise I’ll share with you once I find them. If you have other great resources and you want me to share right here, you can leave a message on my blog, I will update the list as soon as I can. Please keep in mind that there may be some dead links on this page, either because of the website is shut down or some human errors. If you find something wrong on this page, please let me know, and I’ll correct them as soon as possible.

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Splice Vine – The Unconventional Video Editing Resource Blog – By Veteran Video Editor & Motion Graphics Artist Eric Wise

Free audio and video resources

Keep in mind, unless otherwise specified, all resources below are in Creative Commonslicenses or in public domain, so there’s no copyright issue at all.

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Audio / Music

1) Creative Commons – Legal Music For Videos

2) Internet Archive – Public Domain Music & Audio

3) Jamendo – Royalty Free Music Downloads

4) Classic Cat – Free Classical Music Directory

5) CCMixter – Download & Remix CC Licensed Music

6) Free Music Archive – Another great resource to find public domain music

7) Royalty Free Music & Songs From


1) Internet Archive – Public Domain Movies & Videos

2) Youtube – tips: type your keywords follow by “creativecommons"

3) Vimeo – Search For Creative Commons License Works

4) Creative Commons Videos


6) Flickr – Creative Commons Licensed Photos & Videos

Digital Video Effects / Motion Graphics

1) Vimeo – Animation Section

Useful After Effects Resources

1) AE Basics

2) Creative Cow AE Forum

3) Digital Media Net (portal)

4) Digital Media Net – AE

5) fxguide

6) Kurt Murphy AE Tutorials

7) ProVideoCoalition

8) Steve S. AE Tuts

9) Toolfarm Tutorials

10) Tutorial Finder AE

11) TutsPlus (AE)

Useful Final Cut Pro Resources

1) Boston FCP User Group

2) Creative Cow FCP

3) Digital Media Net (portal)

4) DMN Editing Tips

5) FCP @ DMN

6) GeniusDV (some free)

7) GreenScreen in FCP


9) LA FCP User Group


11) ProVideoCoalition

12) UC Berkeley FCP (older)

13) YouTube FCP

Useful Apple Motion Resources

1) AE Portal

2) Creative Cow (Motion)

3) Digital Media Net (portal)

4) DMN Motion

5) MacPro (Motion)

6) Mark Spencer (Motion)

7) Pixelcorps (Motion)

8) ProVideoCoalition

9) Ryan vs Dorkman

Useful links for video / film production students

1) San Francisco Green Film Festival

2) IDTV Official Blog

3) IDTV Video Production – Another IDTV Blog

4) IDTV on YouTube

5) IDTV on Facebook (Needs a FB account)

6) IDTV on Twitter

7) IDTV on Tumblr

8) Digital Video Effects Blog

Useful Reading Resources For Motion Graphics & Visual Effects Artists

1) Adobe Design Center

2) AE Freemart

3) AE Portal

4) Creative Cow AE Forum

5) Digital Gypsy blog

6) Digital Media Net (portal)

7) Digital Media Net – AE

8) DMN Motion

9) fxguide

10) HD Survival Handbook

11) Motionographer

12) ProVideoCoalition

13) Stash FX Magazine

14) VFX blog

15) VFXPro

Useful Online Video Resources For Motion Graphics & Visual Effects Artists

1) CCDigital

2) Digital Media Net (portal)

3) Local: 3rd Light (Reel)

4) MoGraph Podcast (Motion+)

5) Motionographer

6) ProVideoCoalition

7) Stash FX Magazine

8) Tape & Glue Reel ’08

Useful Mac OS Resources

1) Advanced MacOS Shortcuts

2) GreenScreen in FCP

3) Mac: Beginner’s Guide

4) MacOS videos (…free intro chapters only)

5) Macs for Beginners

Local TV stations websites

1) Link TV

2) Mosaic

TV / Video Jobs:

1) Hollywood Reporter

2) Jobs  & Degrees in TV / Radio

3) Journalism Jobs


5) Medialine

6) MediaMatch

7) ProductionHUB

8) TV / Video Jobs at Cragslist

More great motion graphics resources available! Download the Digital Video Effects and Motion Graphics Resources List here!

User Manuals & Documentation

1) Apple Pro Products

2) Avid Media Composer

3) Adobe Premiere Pro

4) Adobe Photoshop

5) Adobe After Effects

6) Adobe Illustrator

Other useful resources

Editor Career Outline

Books Useful For Video Editors & Motion Graphics Artists

Splice Vine Useful Resource Links

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