中英雙語長篇小說《示威人生》——李威達著 The Life of Protestor by Victor Lei 第一回 Chapter 1

兒子……快起來吃早餐!千萬不要遲到!阿文的母親芝芝正在叫嚷。媽媽,我出來了!阿文是工人小學五年級學生;他的妹妹恩恩是小學二年級生。媽媽,爸爸在哪裡?恩恩問她媽媽。他現在在超市,他是個經理啊,所以他告訴我今天下午還有很多工作要做。” “那麼,我們可以點一份披薩作晚餐嗎?” “好吧。我今天下午給你電話號碼,你幫忙下訂單吧。別忘記要多些芝士!阿文和恩恩兄妹正在離開他們的家,阿文看著他的表,差不多8點了。媽媽,我們上學了!” “嘿,嘿,兒子!你忘了帶阿維的測驗簿嗎?你需要把它還給他。” “沒問題,媽媽。我會把它還給他;他會原諒我,因為我們是最好的朋友。


阿維,我很抱歉。我昨天拿了你的測驗簿,但我不是有心的。” “不要緊,阿文。你今天下午會參加合唱班訓練嗎?” “什麼時候?” “放學後。” “多長時間?這時阿文記起他今天必須早點回家。我們將在4:30左右完成訓練。阿維也是小學五年級學生,自小學二年級以來他們就已經認識;去年,他們兩人都被選入他們學校的合唱團。你今天下午來嗎?我們要在下個月擊敗其他學校贏得比賽。阿維再次問道。當然,我會的!嗯……訓練結束後你能來我家嗎?我對今天的英語作業有些疑問。阿文的英文成績向來不是很好,而阿維就幫助他提高了英文成績。

阿文和阿維剛剛完成了他們的訓練,他們兩個都對下個月的比賽感到有些緊張。他們的學校已經失落了獎杯兩年之久,現在是他們協助學校反擊的時候了。阿維,你能來我家嗎?” “當然,我也想見見你的妹妹。” “我們走了!我打電話叫披薩。” “你今晚吃披薩作晚餐?阿維很好奇地問。我爸爸今天要加班了;媽媽又不想做飯。


恩恩,你好嗎?我有一段時間沒有見過你了。” “阿維哥哥!” “我來這裡是幫助你哥哥的功課,我是否打搞你?恩恩微笑著搖了搖頭。好的。阿文,我們可以開始吧。恩恩正在看動畫片,電視機發出的聲浪非常高。恩恩,請你調低電視機的音量?我們不能集中精神!” “當然可以,哥哥!


阿文、恩恩,我回來了!芝芝剛剛回到家。哦,阿維也在這裡。非常感謝你幫助我的兒子。今晚我們將吃披薩,你會一起嗎?” “謝謝你,阿姨!芝芝是七間餐廳的老闆。阿維,這裡有一些西蘭花和牛肉,你拿回家吧。” “謝謝你,但是天黑了,我要走了。” “再見!” “阿文,明天在學校見!


阿文和恩恩正在觀看他們最喜歡的電視節目,但這時候芝芝卻走去她自己的臥室,拿出揚聲器並在試音。其實這個揚聲器已經沒有使用好幾年了,阿文還記得他們上次使用那台揚聲器是在三年前。為什麼媽媽拿出揚聲器?” “我不知道……餐廳賣廣告?我不知道,不要管這麼多吧!芝芝將會做一些徹底改變她整個家庭的事情⋯⋯



“Son… Wake up and have your breakfast! Don’t be late!" Gigi Lui, Danny’s mother is yelling. “Mommy, I’m coming out!" Danny is a 5th grader in Walker Elementary School; his younger sister Winnie is in 2nd grade. “Mommy, where is daddy?" Winnie asks her mother. “I think he is in the supermarket now, he is a manager, he told me there is a lot of work to do this afternoon." “So, can we order a pizza for dinner?" “All right. I give you the phone number and make an order this afternoon. Don’t forget, more cheese!" Danny and Winnie are leaving their home, Danny looks at his watch, it almost 8 o’clock. “Mommy, Winnie and I are going to school!" “Hey, hey, son! Don’t you remember Bobby’s test booklet? You need to return it to him." “No problem, mom. I will give it back to him; he will forgive me because we are best friends." 

“Bobby, I am so sorry. I took your test booklet yesterday, it was just an accident." “That’s okay, Danny. Are you going to chorus this afternoon?" “When?" “After school." “For how long?" Danny remembers that he must get to home a little early today. “We’ll finish training around 4:30." Bobby is also a 5th grader, they have known each other since 2nd grade; last year, both of them are selected to their school’s chorus. “Are you coming this afternoon? We must beat other schools to win the competition next month." Bobby asks again. “Of course, I will! Umm… Can you come to my home after the training? I have some questions about today’s English homework." Danny is weak at this subject, and Bobby has helped him a lot to improve the grade. 

Danny and Bobby have just completed their training, both of them are somewhat nervous for the competition next month. Their school has already lost two years of trophies, and now they must fight back. “Oh, Bobby, can you come to my home?" “Absolutely. I also want to see your sister." “Let’s go! I am calling Pizza Guy." “You have pizza for dinner tonight?" Bobby is curious. “My daddy will be over-time today; my mom doesn’t want to cook for dinner." 

“Winnie, how are you doing? I have not seen you for a while." “Brother Bobby!" “I am here to help your brother’s homework, am I bothering you?" Winnie smiles and shakes her head. “Okay. Danny, we can get started." Winnie is watching cartoon, the TV volume is so high. “Winnie, can you please turn down the volume? We can’t concentrate!" “Sure, brother!" 

“Winnie, Danny, I’m home!" Gigi is back to home. “Oh, Bobby is also here. Thank you so much for helping my son. We’ll have pizza for dinner tonight, will you join us?" “Thank you, auntie!" Gigi is an owner of 7 restaurants. “Bobby, here is some broccoli and beef. Take it." “Thank you, but I have to leave. It’s going dark." “Bye!" “Danny, see you at school tomorrow!" 

Winnie and Danny are watching their favorite TV show, but Gigi goes to her bedroom, she takes out the loudspeaker and “testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…" The loudspeaker has not been used for several years, Danny still remembers last time they used that loudspeaker was three year ago. “Why mommy takes out the loudspeaker?" “I have no idea… Restaurant promotion? I don’t know. Mind your business!" Gigi is going to do something that will completely change the whole family’s life. 
(To be continued…)

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