The Shut Up & Shoot – Freelance Documentary Guide (Second Edition) By Anthony Q. Artis – The Best Filmmaking Book I Have Ever Had 我讀過最好的一本影視裝作的書

Folks, if you are working or actively participate in video field production or documentary films, you should have read Anthony Q. Artis’s “Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide". It’s a filmmaking guide book to teach you how to create professional video packages with limited resources, it also talks about some common mistakes in making videos. I think it’s more like a user-friendly guide book rather than a boring, thousand-page-manual or textbook or something like that. It’s a highly recommended book for all documentary filmmakers. Indeed, this book has been adopted as a textbook for many film schools and colleges.

About 6 years ago, Anthony had another user-friendly guide book for freelance videographers, it’s called “Shut Up And Shoot – Freelance Video Guide". This book is considered as an addition or supplement to the “Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide", more than that, this book tells you how to create good marketing videos, music videos, and live event videos, etc. The book also provides step-by-step guidance on planning, shooting, lighting and recording the most common freelance video projects. On the other hand, it covers production strategies and how to deal with your clients. Everything is in that one book, I bought this book and I’m very honored to have Anthony’s autograph just before I moved to Macau.

If you are interested to be a freelance videographer, or you are currently working as a videographer and wish to learn how to make different kinds of videos, “Shut Up And Shoot – Freelance Video Guide" is just for you.

Then I think it was about 2014, (correct me if I’m wrong) Anthony has updated his first “Shut Up And Shoot" series, which is “Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide (Second Edition)". Unfortunately, I have been in Macau, and I had no way to get it in Macau since the book is not sold overseas. Luckily, I have my friends in Macau who recently traveled to US for their honeymoon to have this newest “Shut Up And Shoot" book for me. When I first got this book last night, I felt excited about what the book covers, this new book doesn’t only cover step-by-step guidance on documentary and freelance filmmaking, like planning, shooting, lighting, etc., but it also covers the most updated about DSLR cameras, new lighting gear, visual storytelling, post-production techniques and hiring professional crews. Even more than that, the book also covers new sections on fundraising, 4k format, shooting on iPhone, just to name a few.

This new book, along with Anthony’s two previous books, is my best companion as a freelance videographer. Therefore, I strongly recommend everyone who is interested in filmmaking to have these three books. Trust me, this is the best filmmaking book I ever had.

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各位朋友,如果您是做外景拍攝或紀錄片製作的話,這本書您一定要看:Anthony Q. Artis’s “Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide"。這本書教您如何用最少的資源去拍攝最專業的影片,當中也有提到一些拍攝時常見的錯誤,這本書的英文用語比較貼近日常化,不像那些上千頁的說明書。大約6年前,Anthony還為自由攝影師提供了另一個用戶友好的指南,叫做 “Shut Up And Shoot – Freelance Video Guide"。這本書被認為是“Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide”的補充,但它涵蓋更多內容,包括如何製作好的營銷影片,音樂影片和直播活動影片等,除此之外,這本書還提供了規劃,拍攝,照明和錄製最常見的自由視頻的分步指導。一切都在那本書中,我很榮幸在我搬到澳門之前我得到這本書以及Anthony的簽名。

大概2014年左右(如果我錯了就請糾正我)Anthony更新了他的第一個“Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide”系列,這是“Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide(第二版)”。不幸的是,我一直在澳門,我沒有辦法在澳門買到這本書,因為這本書沒有出售在海外。幸運的是,我最近有我在澳門的朋友,他們最近結婚並前往美國度蜜月,回澳門後為我帶來這本最新的“Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide(第二版)”。當我昨晚第一次得到這本書的時候,我感到很興奮,因為這本新書不僅涵蓋了紀錄片和自由電影製作的一步一步的指導,如規劃,拍攝,照明等,但也涵蓋了有關數碼單反相機,新的照明設備,視覺講故事, 後期製作和招聘專業人員。甚至更多的是,這本書還涵蓋了關於籌款,4k格式,iPhone拍攝,僅舉幾例。

這本新書連同Anthony以前的兩本書一樣,是我作為自由攝影師的最佳伴侶。 因此,我強烈建議所有對電影感興趣的人都有這三本書。 相信我,這是我曾經有過的最好的電影製作書。

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