[Short Documentary] Misha Antonich – Media . Arts . Life – Special Edition 2


This is my first original created documentary film. This documentary is titled “Misha Antonich – Media . Arts . Life", it’s about the wonderful and cheerful life of Misha Antonich, who is currently a professor at City College Of San Francisco. The main focus is on Misha’s personal life and how his teaching career plays a role in his personal life. Misha starts with talking about his childhood and teenage years, then he also talks about his career path to media production and some interesting experience about his teaching at a university in South Korea. At the end, he was also talking about his family.

You are watching the special 6-minute version of the documentary.



Video producer and editor with high proficiency in researching, video production planning, writing, camera operating, sound effects mixing and post-production management.

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