Chinese New Year In Macau 2017 澳門農曆新年2017


Videographer / Editor / VFX – Victor Lei

This is my theme music video “Chinese New Year 2017″, showcasing the Chinese New Year spirit at several locations around Macau.

Wishing you have a safe, warm Chinese New Year, and Kung Hei Fat Choi! God Bless.




關於李威達 About Victor

img_1703我只需要一份工作,最好是在一個非營利組織。 我離開了我的最後一份工作,我還沒有找到一份新工作,這是非常令人沮喪。 我在電視台工作了大約一年,但在非營利組織工作了三年。 我現在發生了什麼事? 在媒體製作中找不到任何工作,或者在非營利組織中找不到工作。 我不知道該怎麼辦。 但你知道嗎? 我很失望,但仍然不絕望,我仍然有希望找到一份新工作。 我只是想問大家給我一個幫助,如果你或任何人你知道有職位空缺,請盡快與我聯繫,我的聯繫方式如下,非常感謝。

I just need a job, preferably in a non-profit organization. I have not able been to find a new job since I quitted my last job, and it is very frustrating. I worked in television stations for about a year but worked in non-profit organizations for three years. What happened to me right now? Either can’t find any job in media production or any job in non-profit organization. I don’t know what to do. But you know what? I’m disappointed but still not despair, I still have hope in finding a new job. I just want to ask everyone to do me a favor, if you or anyone you know have job vacancy, please contact me as soon as possible, my contact information is listed below, thank you very much.


Victor Lei 李威達 Servant Of God, Faith Pursuer, Freelance Video Producer 神的僕人、真理和信仰追求者、帶職傳道、自由影視創作人 Physical Location 現居地:Macau SAR,China 中國澳門特別行政區 Freelance video specialist with expertise of story …

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