So… You Want To Be An Editor « digitalfilms

So… You Want To Be An Editor « digitalfilms

Many students go through film school and land upon the idea that they are best suited to edit feature films. Unfortunately, it’s a rare situation in which someone simply walks out of school and starts cutting motion pictures. Most of us work on many different types of projects for years – ranging from corporate videos to commercials – before we ever get a chance to cut a feature. Some never get that opportunity. Although much of the old apprenticeship systems have disintegrated, the general path is still to start at the bottom and work your way up. Potential editors often start in a number of capacities, including VTR operator, dubbing assistant or maybe assistant editor. The irony is that in most cases, the assistant editor has to be far more technically-savvy than the editor with whom they work. While the editor is prized for his or her creative talent, it’s the assistant who makes sure that the workflow functions smoothly. Here are some practical tips for skills you should learn on your way to becoming an editor.