Video Basics: Frame Rate By Matt’s Macintosh

Project V. - Official Website of Victor Lei, Freelance Video Producer/Editor In Macau 澳門自由影視製作人李威達的官方網站

Many beginning filmmakers and producers are not very clear about video frame rates. Well, this video gives everyone an overview of different frame rates, take a look.

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After Effects Tutorial: 3D SNOW WORLD Christmas Animation

“In this After Effects Tutorial, create a awesome christmas animation! We’re seeing christmas advertisements everywhere now, so let’s jump into creating holiday animations with After Effects. In our first AE christmas edition tutorial series, we will design and animate a 3D snow world motion graphic using built-in effects and jumping over to Adobe Illustrator to design our vectors."

Holiday Spirit In Macau 2016 Music Video 節日主題音樂視頻-澳門聖誕 2016

Videographer / Editor / VFX – Victor Lei

This is my holiday theme music video “Holiday Spirit In Macau 2016″, showcasing the Christmas spirit at several locations around Macau, including Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

My idea of this video is to show everyone the best of holiday season in Macau. And I also want all people whether they are living in Macau or not, to feel the joy and festive atmosphere.

Wishing you have a safe, warm and joyful Christmas, and happy holidays! God Bless.




MV “Holiday Spirit In San Francisco 2011″ Available On YT Now

Watch the Christmas video that I made five years ago when I was still in US, and the first Christmas video that I made in Macau is coming soon.


Project V. - Official Website of Victor Lei, Freelance Video Producer/Editor In Macau 澳門自由影視製作人李威達的官方網站

Everyone, I’ve made the promise. The music video that I shot and edited is now available on my Youtube channel! (Just scroll down your browser a little bit to watch it) As you are (or will be) watching the video, let me tell you briefly on my idea and the concept of it.

The music video title “Holiday Spirit In San Francisco 2011″, as the name suggests, the video is about to showcase the holiday spirit around the City of San Francisco, with warm and joyful holiday music leading the mood and pace. The locations that I were showcasing the holiday spirit include: Union Square Ice Rink, Embarcadero Center Ice Rink, Pier 39, Stonestown Galleria, Financial District, Ghirardelli Square and Powell Street Cable Cars. Most of the locations are well known by tourists, and some of the locations are very important for people in San Francisco and its vicinities. You…

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So… You Want To Be An Editor « digitalfilms

So… You Want To Be An Editor « digitalfilms

Many students go through film school and land upon the idea that they are best suited to edit feature films. Unfortunately, it’s a rare situation in which someone simply walks out of school and starts cutting motion pictures. Most of us work on many different types of projects for years – ranging from corporate videos to commercials – before we ever get a chance to cut a feature. Some never get that opportunity. Although much of the old apprenticeship systems have disintegrated, the general path is still to start at the bottom and work your way up. Potential editors often start in a number of capacities, including VTR operator, dubbing assistant or maybe assistant editor. The irony is that in most cases, the assistant editor has to be far more technically-savvy than the editor with whom they work. While the editor is prized for his or her creative talent, it’s the assistant who makes sure that the workflow functions smoothly. Here are some practical tips for skills you should learn on your way to becoming an editor.

What Makes A Good Editor? « digitalfilms

What Makes A Good Editor? « digitalfilms

As a client you work with many different personalities in the production and post-production phases of a project. While the director and director of photography have a significant impact on the production, the editor will often be the one that molds the final look of a piece. The post- production phase is sometimes even longer than the shooting, so it is important that the editor and client not only see “eye-to-eye” but also feel that the experience was enjoyable.

Top 5 Time Saving Short Cuts in After Effects – Graphic design tutorials, freebies, & advice by working artists and designers. | GoMediaZine

Top 5 Time Saving Short Cuts in After Effects – Graphic design tutorials, freebies, & advice by working artists and designers. | GoMediaZine

The following 5 short cuts will save you in expensive pain medication from staring at your screen for far too many hours. I know they’ve saved me in the past. Here’s a little video I did for this article to grab screenshots and such. We won’t be learning how to do this today, but maybe in a later tutorial I’ll show you how to do something neat.