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Gregory Gazzano not only knows video production, he also knows sushi. Besides being a graduate of the BECA Program at San Francisco State University, he has been a sushi chef over for the past seven years. “You don’t see many Americans working as a sushi chef,” he explains. His experiences have exposed him to a number of different ethnicities and taught him more about Japanese culture than he would have dreamed of knowing otherwise. Though Gregory enjoys his profession, his passion lies elsewhere and he’s pursuing his true aspirations in film and video production.

When Gregory graduated from SF State four years ago, he found himself living in Sonora, CA for the following two and a half years. Living in such a small community limited his opportunity to exercise his newly acquired video production skills. A man in town producing wedding videos offered him a job. “The guy wanted to…

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Here Comes My New Video Project!!!

That’s right. My latest video project was finished few days ago and now it’s available on my YouTube Channel! How wonderful is that! And here it is:

I’ve made two different versions of the same video, but the only difference is that the first one has funny outtakes, the second one doesn’t. Both of them are full version interview, each of them is about 14 minutes long.

Please enjoy the video. Thanks for watching everyone, and your support is very crucial. Also, I’m about to update my demo reels for the Spring 2012 season, so be sure to follow my blog, my Facebook or Twitter to get all the latest updates. See you later.

Mpeg Streamclip downloading from Youtube

Check out this useful tutorial, I always use mpeg stream clip to transcode media files.

Film and Video Editor San Francisco

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Working On An Interview Project – My First One Ever In Macau

Even though I have been facing a lot of difficulties and obstructions of doing media production here in Macau, I still find some other ways to pursue my dream while I’m working full time on another job. Recently my cousin invited me to help shooting an interview with the manger of a local paper factory, which is also part of the project of his management class. Obviously I’ve been doing something like that many many times, so I said no problem. So we went to the paper factory last Friday morning, after setting up the equipment, then we were about to shoot the interview. There were two interviewers, and I worked as a director and cameraman. Everything was wrapped up around 12pm. After the shooting, I started doing the post production, and there was a lot of work, not just editing, but also fixing the audio problems, doing color corrections, creating motion graphics openers, etc. And I just finished everything this morning.


Now please take a look on some of the behind the scenes pictures and also the screen captures of the post production process for this project here, by the way the entire interview will be available on my YT channel sometime next week, so stay tuned.


Meet Jason!

Jason Grohman – “I Still Believe In You".

IDTV 2014


Jason Grohman is definitely a sports guy. He’s a snowboarder who also plays hockey year round for local the hockey team the Chieftains. This season he’s unfortunately out due to a concussion suffered during a game last season but he’s eager to get back to the game next season. Not only does Jason play sports, he is eager to shoot sporting events and concerts as a professional cameraman one day. Though he knows he still has a way to go this doesn’t stop him from being proactive. “When I go to the games, I talk to the camera guys, to see where to start. “ From this interaction he’s received lots of helpful advice to get to where he wants to be.

In this same vein, Jason has also taken the initiative to further his skills by taking classes at City College of San Francisco over the past six years…

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