Meet Martin!

IDTV 2014


Martin Reade moved to the US from Dublin, Ireland 17 years ago, “Or at least I tink!” (He has quite the accent). “There was no opportunity in Ireland, so in the face of that I got myself a green card and took the liberty to come to the USA, land of the free and home of the brave!”

 Until recently, Martin has been “Serving drunks drinks,” and from that experience he has predominantly one thing to say: “I hate bartending.” While he admits that at a younger age it would have been a more enjoyable experience, over the years of doing it the craft has really taken it’s toll. He has now come to City College of San Francisco in hopes of further expanding his skills in the broadcasting and film industry, his particular strength being editing. “I think it’s (CCSF) an amazing resource for lower income people to have…

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Video producer and editor with high proficiency in researching, video production planning, writing, camera operating, sound effects mixing and post-production management.


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