Meet Daniel!!

IDTV 2014


Daniel Bisase moved around a lot growing up due to his father being in the Navy, but eventually his family settled in San Diego, which is where he was living until just last year when he decided to make the leap up to San Francisco. Until last semester, Daniel didn’t have a plan but was taking his general classes at a city college in San Diego. It wasn’t until he came to CCSF that he had the revelation that video production was what he wanted to pursue, and the IDTV class is the second video production class he has taken. Although he has only just begun, he feels he has made the right decision, and likes working with IDTV. “It’s not very uniform,” he explains. “It’s in your time, you have the freedom to make your own schedule.”

Although Daniel and his family have lived in many places in the USA…

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Video producer and editor with high proficiency in researching, video production planning, writing, camera operating, sound effects mixing and post-production management.


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