Meet Martin!

IDTV 2014


Martin Reade moved to the US from Dublin, Ireland 17 years ago, “Or at least I tink!” (He has quite the accent). “There was no opportunity in Ireland, so in the face of that I got myself a green card and took the liberty to come to the USA, land of the free and home of the brave!”

 Until recently, Martin has been “Serving drunks drinks,” and from that experience he has predominantly one thing to say: “I hate bartending.” While he admits that at a younger age it would have been a more enjoyable experience, over the years of doing it the craft has really taken it’s toll. He has now come to City College of San Francisco in hopes of further expanding his skills in the broadcasting and film industry, his particular strength being editing. “I think it’s (CCSF) an amazing resource for lower income people to have…

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Avid Studio For iPad

Take a look on the newest, and probably the coolest video editing app for iPad!


Meet Bennie!

IDTV 2014


By the time IDTV wraps for the season, Bennie Bell will have filled many different roles. You see, Bennie is not only one of our corresponding field hosts for IDTV this semester, he is also in the class. So far he has already served as a cameraman, and a good one at that, and by the time this is over he will have potentially also worn the hats of producer, editor, and sound guy. For a guy that already runs his own video production company, he feel that his experiences at City College of San Francisco will help him to advance his business, and his future plans of producing his own television show which he has already written. He doesn’t want to divulge much about the project quite yet, but he will say, “The hosting will be a big help,” as far as working with IDTV.

Bennie’s interest in the…

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Meet Daniel!!

IDTV 2014


Daniel Bisase moved around a lot growing up due to his father being in the Navy, but eventually his family settled in San Diego, which is where he was living until just last year when he decided to make the leap up to San Francisco. Until last semester, Daniel didn’t have a plan but was taking his general classes at a city college in San Diego. It wasn’t until he came to CCSF that he had the revelation that video production was what he wanted to pursue, and the IDTV class is the second video production class he has taken. Although he has only just begun, he feels he has made the right decision, and likes working with IDTV. “It’s not very uniform,” he explains. “It’s in your time, you have the freedom to make your own schedule.”

Although Daniel and his family have lived in many places in the USA…

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Canon 5d MKIII


Wow! Canon 5d Mark III, I really wish to buy one for myself, but I don’t really have enough money…

Film and Video Editor San Francisco

Canon unleashes the EOS 5D Mark III

London, UK, 2nd March 2012 – Canon today announces the latest addition to its worldfamous EOS range with the launch of the new EOS 5D Mark III. The EOS 5D Mark IIIbuilds on the performance of the legendary EOS 5D Mark II, offering improved speed,greater resolution, enhanced processing power and extended creative options for bothstills and Full HD movies – providing unparalleled artistic freedom for the most demanding photographers.

Incorporating feedback from photographers worldwide, the EOS 5D Mark III offers improved performance in virtually every area. A new 22.3 Megapixel (MP) full-frame sensor offers the ideal balance of resolution for stills and HD movies and up to 6 frames per second (fps) shooting, whilst a 61-point AF system and 63-zone metering provide greater speed, flexibility and accuracy. Powered by the latest DIGIC 5+ processing technology, the EOS 5D Mark III also features enhanced…

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