Meet Marcial!


People, it’s time to meet the marcial-istic Marcial! I still remember the show opener that he made for IDTV last year, very very cool!

IDTV 2014


Marcial Ornelaz has found that through the editing classes he has taken at CCSF, he went from wanting to be an editor to actually being one, and hopes to soon get out into the world of professionals and start exercising his skills. Although Marcial went through the broadcast program at San Francisco State University a few years ago, he was led back to his passion for media and editing through his role as an activist.

Marcial double majored in Broadcast and Health Education, and after finishing his degree, he pursued his career in the health education and in fact works for the health department today. Marcial has a true passion for health education and awareness, but has other passions as well. “There were a number of events happening city wide where I got so frustrated and confused and angry,” he explains. Marcial began attending rallies, protest and demonstrations, but still…

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Video producer and editor with high proficiency in researching, video production planning, writing, camera operating, sound effects mixing and post-production management.


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