Meet Marcial!


People, it’s time to meet the marcial-istic Marcial! I still remember the show opener that he made for IDTV last year, very very cool!

IDTV 2014


Marcial Ornelaz has found that through the editing classes he has taken at CCSF, he went from wanting to be an editor to actually being one, and hopes to soon get out into the world of professionals and start exercising his skills. Although Marcial went through the broadcast program at San Francisco State University a few years ago, he was led back to his passion for media and editing through his role as an activist.

Marcial double majored in Broadcast and Health Education, and after finishing his degree, he pursued his career in the health education and in fact works for the health department today. Marcial has a true passion for health education and awareness, but has other passions as well. “There were a number of events happening city wide where I got so frustrated and confused and angry,” he explains. Marcial began attending rallies, protest and demonstrations, but still…

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Storytelling Techniques For Marketing, Corporate and Indie Filmmakers –

Storytelling Techniques For Marketing, Corporate and Indie Filmmakers –

Tomorrow (29th) 10:00 am – 11:30 am PST (2:00 am – 3:30 am Macau Local Time, which means I have to wake up early to watch this webinar)

Unforgettable Day – September 19, 2008

Something happened in the past that still affects my life today…

I will never forget this date, September 19, 2008!

I watched a lot of news on TV about violence crimes, assaults, battery, homicide, etc. But I cannot imagine that I became one of the violence crime victims and was sent to a hospital on September 19, 2008!

Here’s what happened that day. Around 11:30 that morning, I just got out from the San Francisco Shopping Center, and when I just stepped out from the shopping center, a crazy white guy, much looked like a homeless, approached from somewhere near the BART station. He yelled at me madly, like “LURRRRRRRRR~~~LURRRRRR~~~~LURRRRR", like that! I didn’t even have any idea for what and why he yelled at me, that crazy guy use his damn fist PUNCHED my left eye! He attacked me very hardly, and my glasses was broken immediately and dropped on the street, my left eye just above the eyelid was cut by my broken glasses, and BLEEDING! BLEEDING~~~~~ Because the place of incident is the tourist hotspot, many people witnessed the whole incident. As I was wounded, many nice people, including security guards from the shopping center, the street merchants, as well as some walk-by people helped me a lot, and gave me some basic treatment on my wound. A Mandarin-speaking street merchant gave me a chair to rest, then a security guard from the shopping center handed me a bag of ice. Another woman, who claimed that she was a nurse, took a look on my wound. All of them talked to me, and tried to make me feel better. At that time, I thought the only thing I could do is keep myself calm, and told myself, there’s no big deal, just a little cut, and I was okay.

During the time I was waiting for further treatment on my wound, the police officers and an ambulance arrived, a medical staff took me into the ambulance, and ready to the hospital. Before we departed, a police officer asked me some questions about the incident, then the officer gave me a piece of paper in order to have further investigation, and I should have that piece of information to obtain a police report, and the medical staff told me that all cost of the treatment will be covered because I was an assault victim, all I have to do was to send a copy of police report to the hospital. Few minutes later, we arrived the hospital, the Emergency Room Doctor gave me treatment on my wound after he checked if there was any serious problem on my other parts of body. As my condition got stable, and proper treatment was given, I was released from the hospital about half an hour later. The whole assault incident, which made me wounded, was finally over.

That was my first experience of being attacked on the street. Also, that was my unforgettable day ever, I never forget September 19, 2008! This horrible experience remains in my heart forever.

Start Working On Something Familiar At An Unfamiliar Place

It has been exactly 20 days since I started my life in Macau. You know, 20 days is not a long time for some people, but I used that 20 days trying to switch my lifestyle and habit from San Francisco to Macau. Right now I have adapted my everyday life, except for my stomach, I don’t know if I’m acclimatized or not, my stomach doesn’t seem like the food and water here. I have to use the toilet 3 to 4 times a day on average, which is above my average toilet usage in San Francisco. And because of that reason, I look a little slimmer than I was in San Francisco. Is it a good thing or bad thing?

Anyway, that’s one thing I wanted to talk about. Another thing is that I started exploring my career in this small town, this is not easy for me because I was not here for more than 10 years, most of my friends were my elementary and middle school classmates. In order to help myself getting into the career I desire, I have to get into the circle and acquaint with the people of that circle. Say coincidence, while I was still in San Francisco, about a month before I headed back to Macau, I saw on Facebook that a local non-profit creative group called “macau.creatives", they were about to shoot music videos for their newest project called “6/7 Hints", “6/7 Hints" is a CD album that provides hints for the human race, that brings up world issues including nature, disasters, environment, war, doomsday and inequality. Okay long story short, I saw that they were going to shoot MVs and I felt I’m interested, so I sent an email to the group expressing my interest. Sio, the Director of the association, responded my email the day after. She told me that they need some extra people on helping the shooting of MVs, and if I was interested, just let her know. But she also reminded me that everyone is working voluntarily, so there will be no pay for working on this project, except for transportation and catering. I said that’s okay, I mean I don’t really care about if I’ll or I won’t get paid, I just want to work on something that I’m familiar with and to learn something from it. In addition, I’ll have much easier path getting into the creatives circle and the media industry of Macau by working closely with the production crews, two birds with one stone. So I have decided to join their crew.

A few days after I arrived Macau, I sent another email to Sio and told her that I’m interested to help them, then she called me back and asked me if I wanted to come to a production meeting, I said okay, I’d be coming for sure. On that night, I, along with several other people of the production crew, met at a coffee shop. (yeah it’s coffee shop again, I don’t know if all the creative people love going to coffee shops or not, when I was working with Mark I always met him at the coffee shops) We were listening to Sio, who is also the director of that MV. Sio told us a little bit about the song and how she is going to shoot the MV. She also made a props list and asked everyone in the team to look for the props. I’m responsible to find some small rocks and a few books about doomsday. At this time, everyone has been assigned a role of the production. Besides Sio is the director, we have two ADs, an Art Director, a makeup artist, a LD, and I’m one of the three FMs. Tonight, I’ll be helping the crew on loading the props to the studio, and I’ll be coolie again.

Indeed, I’m also working on another MV from the same album, I’ll talk more about that on my next post. If you want to learn more about the project that I’m involved with, you can check out their FB page: For more information about the association, you can check out their website:

Meet Mark

I was working with Mark very closely for almost the entire year of 2011, including the shows of IDTV 2011 and the “Best Of IDTV" last Fall. I can say that Mark is just a terrific guy who always attentive to detail of every video production, and he always seeks for the best results. Personally he is also my good friend, we often hangout at coffee shops and discuss our shooting / production plans there. Even though I’m no longer living in San Francisco, I still remember the greatest days that I worked with him. I wish I could work with him once again in the near future.

IDTV 2014

Meet Mark

A one time corporate guy, Mark Castillo is now, like many of us, a struggling student. After eight years working as a stockbroker for a number of well know financial institutions, Mark is now a full time student at CCSF. For the last season of IDTV he wrote, directed and produced. He also was the producer for the “Best of IDTV” and openly admits that “IDTV is one of the best experiences I’ve had,” in terms of building the necessary skills to be successful in the workforce.

Things used to be very different for Mark. In 2007 Mark left his position at Lehman Brothers with a sour taste in his mouth. He admits, “It was scary,” but the behaviors of some of his corporate partners disgusted him. Although he points out that not all of them are bad, “Some of the people that survive those jobs are some of the…

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