Merry Christmas Everyone! Here Comes My Little Christmas Gift

Today is Christmas Day, I’m here to wish everyone a warm, sweet and merry Christmas. Well, on this most wonderful day of the year, I have a little gift for everyone of you. What is that? It’s my another finished video project – “Free Muni Service In San Francisco On New Year’s Eve". This is a series of motion graphics PSA that I created and designed, the message is very simple and clear – to inform everyone in San Francisco that there will be free transportation on this New Year’s Eve night, also to encourage them to take public transportation instead of driving.

What makes so special to me is that this is my first time working on a PSA like this, on the other hand, this is also my very first time (trust me, it’s really my first time) to make a video for a specific group of community. As you can see, besides the English version of the PSAs, I made a Chinese version, too. You know, the Chinese community is a large ethnicity group in San Francisco, even our current Mayor is also a Chinese American. Today, many instructions, documentation, announcements, etc., are now available in Chinese here in San Francisco. You can now hear people speaking Chinese on the bus, the announcement on the bus is also available in Chinese, so Chinese language has almost become an unofficial language of San Francisco.

Making a PSA or video in Chinese language means a lot to me. First, I’m a Chinese American, so I feel proud to serve my group of community. Second, it’s a good way to proof that I still have the proficiency on my mother tongue, even I have not studied Chinese for many years.

Again, merry Christmas everyone, and enjoy the PSAs.




Video producer and editor with high proficiency in researching, video production planning, writing, camera operating, sound effects mixing and post-production management.


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