MV “Holiday Spirit In San Francisco 2011″ Available On YT Now

Everyone, I’ve made the promise. The music video that I shot and edited is now available on my Youtube channel! (Just scroll down your browser a little bit to watch it) As you are (or will be) watching the video, let me tell you briefly on my idea and the concept of it.

The music video title “Holiday Spirit In San Francisco 2011″, as the name suggests, the video is about to showcase the holiday spirit around the City of San Francisco, with warm and joyful holiday music leading the mood and pace. The locations that I were showcasing the holiday spirit include: Union Square Ice Rink, Embarcadero Center Ice Rink, Pier 39, Stonestown Galleria, Financial District, Ghirardelli Square and Powell Street Cable Cars. Most of the locations are well known by tourists, and some of the locations are very important for people in San Francisco and its vicinities. You can see on most of the video – Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, with people having smile on their face, taking pictures under the Christmas trees, and skating at the ice rinks with lots of fun. So this is the Christmas in San Francisco.

My idea of this video is to show everyone the best of holiday season in San Francisco. And I also want all people, whether they’re local San Franciscans or tourists, to feel the joy and festive atmosphere. I know, I know it’s a tough economic time for people here in San Francisco and even the entire country, but at this most wonderful time of the year, we should temporarily forget sorrow, enjoy the Christmas holiday with your friends and families. More importantly I brought out a message at end of the video, “Holiday Spirit Is Everywhere In The City".

I’m here to wish everyone have a safe, warm and joyful Christmas holiday. Happy Holidays!


1 thought on “MV “Holiday Spirit In San Francisco 2011″ Available On YT Now

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    Watch the Christmas video that I made five years ago when I was still in US, and the first Christmas video that I made in Macau is coming soon.



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