iPhone Filmmaking

Recently I have paid attention on those websites and tutorials about “How to shoot and edit nice videos with your iPhone?" Well, this is one of them I’d say “fantastic". The guy shot and edited a short film with his iPhone 4S, and it looks pretty good in my opinion. There’s another video on how he shot and what did he use for the post-production. Check’em out people.

Remember, the key to make a good video is not on the tools, it’s indeed on the skills.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here Comes My Little Christmas Gift

Today is Christmas Day, I’m here to wish everyone a warm, sweet and merry Christmas. Well, on this most wonderful day of the year, I have a little gift for everyone of you. What is that? It’s my another finished video project – “Free Muni Service In San Francisco On New Year’s Eve". This is a series of motion graphics PSA that I created and designed, the message is very simple and clear – to inform everyone in San Francisco that there will be free transportation on this New Year’s Eve night, also to encourage them to take public transportation instead of driving.

What makes so special to me is that this is my first time working on a PSA like this, on the other hand, this is also my very first time (trust me, it’s really my first time) to make a video for a specific group of community. As you can see, besides the English version of the PSAs, I made a Chinese version, too. You know, the Chinese community is a large ethnicity group in San Francisco, even our current Mayor is also a Chinese American. Today, many instructions, documentation, announcements, etc., are now available in Chinese here in San Francisco. You can now hear people speaking Chinese on the bus, the announcement on the bus is also available in Chinese, so Chinese language has almost become an unofficial language of San Francisco.

Making a PSA or video in Chinese language means a lot to me. First, I’m a Chinese American, so I feel proud to serve my group of community. Second, it’s a good way to proof that I still have the proficiency on my mother tongue, even I have not studied Chinese for many years.

Again, merry Christmas everyone, and enjoy the PSAs.


MV “Holiday Spirit In San Francisco 2011″ Available On YT Now

Everyone, I’ve made the promise. The music video that I shot and edited is now available on my Youtube channel! (Just scroll down your browser a little bit to watch it) As you are (or will be) watching the video, let me tell you briefly on my idea and the concept of it.

The music video title “Holiday Spirit In San Francisco 2011″, as the name suggests, the video is about to showcase the holiday spirit around the City of San Francisco, with warm and joyful holiday music leading the mood and pace. The locations that I were showcasing the holiday spirit include: Union Square Ice Rink, Embarcadero Center Ice Rink, Pier 39, Stonestown Galleria, Financial District, Ghirardelli Square and Powell Street Cable Cars. Most of the locations are well known by tourists, and some of the locations are very important for people in San Francisco and its vicinities. You can see on most of the video – Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, with people having smile on their face, taking pictures under the Christmas trees, and skating at the ice rinks with lots of fun. So this is the Christmas in San Francisco.

My idea of this video is to show everyone the best of holiday season in San Francisco. And I also want all people, whether they’re local San Franciscans or tourists, to feel the joy and festive atmosphere. I know, I know it’s a tough economic time for people here in San Francisco and even the entire country, but at this most wonderful time of the year, we should temporarily forget sorrow, enjoy the Christmas holiday with your friends and families. More importantly I brought out a message at end of the video, “Holiday Spirit Is Everywhere In The City".

I’m here to wish everyone have a safe, warm and joyful Christmas holiday. Happy Holidays!

Major Part Of Holiday MV Is Finished – Ready To Release This Tuesday

All right, after spending nearly a week of editing and implementing visual effects, the major part of my holiday season theme music video “Holiday Spirit In San Francisco 2011″ is now finished. Yay! What I mean “finished" is that everything besides the “Bars & Tone", “Slate" and “Ending Credits" is finished, but those things are actually needed for TV broadcasting, you won’t actually see those when I put my video on the Youtube.

Speaking of the release of the music video, like I said at the beginning, the video is mostly ready, but I have scheduled the release date on this Tuesday, December 20, which is five days before Christmas. I believe it should be the best time to release such holiday season theme music video, you know, the holiday spirit and Christmas atmosphere are usually the strongest a few days before Christmas. When you see the video, you’ll feel that atmosphere.

Again, my video will be available on my Youtube channel www.youtube.com/leivictor, and you can also visit my Facebook page www.facebook.com/victorleivideo and follow me on twitter @victorleivideo to get all latest news about my upcoming video projects and new videos.

Now, I have some still shots of the music video for you to “sneak a peek", enjoy! Happy Holidays everyone!

Media Composer Quick Tip

Film and Video Editor San Francisco

Quick Transitions Bin. Not the most used trick in my workflow, but it turns heads every time. Create a new bin. Put it anywhere, who cares. Name it (very specifically, and case-sensitive) “Quick Transitions“. Let’s say you are Alfonso Cuaron and really dig your black, soft-edged elipse wipes. Create one, and drag the effect into this bin. Now, EVERY time you hit the dissolve key on your keyboard, your fancy, custom effect is listed in the standard dissolve dialog!!!

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The Post Production Of My Holiday MV Project Kicks Off Today

After spending weeks for shooting video footage from different location around San Francisco, this morning I have officially started the post production of my upcoming holiday music video project. Unlike the past projects that I did, I’m using Avid Media Composer to edit this project, which involves totally different workflows and process, and that’s a challenge for me. First of all, I’ve been using Final Cut Pro for almost two years, and I can use FCP proficiently without a lot of obstacles. On the other hand, I also have experience in Avid MC, but besides I used it and worked on it in school, I rarely use it in editing my own projects or projects of others. I mean I can work on both FCP and Avid environments without any problem, however, I need to have some adaptation when I use Avid, such as review the books and materials, study the shortcuts, and more importantly, not to mess up with the process and workflows of FCP. Luckily, even though I use Avid far less than FCP, but I still have pretty good working knowledge of it.

Back to my project. This morning I started reviewing all the video footage that I shot, making notes for them, then began with the first rough cut. So far, I have finished about the first two minutes of rough cut, and it was not bad. Of there’re still lots of work to do before I can put it on the Internet, but I believe I can finish it on time and make it available for everyone just in time for the Christmas holiday. I know this will be my busiest week for months, but I think that your support is more than everything. I know some people are reading my blog, so I’m here to say thank you to them. You are my true supporters. Thank you.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my holiday MV project throughout the week, and you can always visit my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter @victorleivideo to get any updates about me and my projects.