Two Free Color Correction Tools From Red Giant

As a video editor, I always have to pay attention to everything in the picture and audio, and when I fix the color of the picture, color correction tool is very helpful to me. I know (and you should know) both Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects have their own color correction tools built-in, but today I found two pretty awesome color correction tools from a website called Red Giant. Both tools are free to download and you can use them on FCP and AE as plug-ins. The first one is called Colorista Free, and the other one is LUT Buddy. If you are working on some sorts of video editing or motion graphic design, and you are looking for some helpful tools for color correction, then these two are the best for you.

You can download both tools by clicking on the following weblinks:

Magic Bullet Colorista Free :

LUT Buddy:

You can learn more about Magic Bullet Colorista Free and LUT Buddy here. For more about Red Giant, you can visit their website





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