Advanced 2D To 3D Conversion Tips And Techniques –

Advanced 2D To 3D Conversion Tips And Techniques -

Advanced 2D To 3D Conversion Tips And Techniques –

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Check Out This 2.5D Compositing Video Tutorial

See how to create cool 3-D like effects with After Effects.

Happy Thanksgiving! A Little Gift For All Of You

Yep, it’s time to express my thankful to everyone on this thanksgiving day. Here is my little gift for you – My newest design of the motion graphic opener and titles. Once again, I wish everyone happy thanksgiving and thank you for your support!

Here Comes My New Design Of Motion Graphics

Take a look on my newest motion graphic openers and title cards for the documentary that I’m still working on. What do you think? Do you like them? Do you like these or the old ones better? Drop a comment right here or post on my Facebook page I would really love to hear your feedback.

iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison

Take a look on this video, the pictures that were shot with the iPhone 4S were quite impressive. With today’s smartphone devices we can shoot HD videos and the quality is pretty good. Remember? Not many years ago we could only use our cell phones (not smartphones, smartphones were not that popular in the early 2000s) to shoot 320×240 frame size videos. Technology has really changed tremendously, and it keeps evolving everyday. Maybe sometime in the future, we wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a pro video camera, an iPhone or a smartphone would fit our needs.

The Shut Up & Shoot – Freelance Video Guide By Anthony Q. Artis – Now Available For Pre-Order

Folks, if you are working or actively participate in video field production or documentary films, you should have read Anthony Q. Artis’s “Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary Guide". It’s a filmmaking guide book to teach you how to create professional video packages with limited resources, it also talks about some common mistakes in making videos. I think it’s more like a user-friendly guide book rather than a boring, thousand-page-manual or textbook or something like that. It’s a highly recommended book for all beginning documentary filmmakers. Indeed, this book has been adopted as a textbook for many film schools and colleges.

Now, Anthony Q. Artis has a new user-friendly guide book for freelance videographers like me, it’s called “Shut Up And Shoot – Freelance Video Guide". According to their website, this new book is considered as an addition or supplement to the “Shut Up And Shoot – Documentary" guide that I mentioned before, more than that, it tells you how to create good marketing videos, music videos, (I wish I could learn this!) and live event videos, etc. The book also provides step-by-step guidance on planning, shooting, lighting and recording the most common freelance video projects. On the other hand, it covers production strategies and how to deal with your clients. Everything is in that one book.

“Shut Up And Shoot – Freelance Video Guide" is now available for online pre-order, you can get this 400-page, full-color, user-friendly guide book for just $27.99 plus shipping charges. This is a pre-order discount offer, and all the books will be shipped on December 14. If you are interested to be a freelance videographer, or you are currently working as a videographer and wish to learn how to make different kinds of videos, this book is for you. I’m sure you’ll be benefited a lot.

Again, the “Shut Up And Shoot – Freelance Video Guide" is available for pre-order, you can now make it at their website: For more details about the book, you can also check out that website.

Now, you can sneak a preview on some of the pages in the book here: (From the, in pdf format)

People: My New Demo Reels Are Here

That’s right folks, I just finished working on my latest demo reels and portfolio. It was not too long when I updated my demo reels last time, but as I have more video projects to work on, I will have more frequent updates on my demo reels. Overall, I should set myself a schedule to update my demo reels every two or three months.

My most recent (and just uploaded few hours ago) demo reels are here, the first one is video editing, the second one is producing, and the third one is broadcast motion graphics. Please take a look on each of them, and I’m looking for a job opportunity right now. If you want to contact me regarding job opportunities, business deals, etc., please call me, send me an email or leave a message on this blog. All my contact information has been shown on the first and the last 10 seconds of each demo reel.

As always, you can visit my permanent “My Portfolio / Demo Reels" page for the most updated demo reels.

Thank you people, I hope we could have an opportunity to work together someday.