Here Comes Another Finished Project

That’s right. I have just finished another motion graphics project this afternoon. What a great relief! No, not just relief, but also joy. Every time when I finished a project, I think I have learn something, and when I see my client or partner is happy about the thing that I did for him / her, I’m happy, too. Another thing is even though I didn’t get much pay on each project, (even I’ve worked for no money for many projects, including the one I’ve just finished) but I never think that I work for free. Yes, in reality I worked for no pay, but we should look at it differently, does it really mean I earn nothing from working on the projects? I can tell you, the skills and experience I gained is the money, and they’re invaluable to me. On the other hand, I’m also happy to work on something that I really good at. This is my passion, nothing can change it.

Okay, enough of my theory! It’s time to screen my newest project. It’s a series of 6 promotional videos for a local talent in Macau. Each promotional video runs for 30 seconds. Take a look. If you have any comments and questions, you can always leave your message on this blog, I wish I can improve my quality of work next time or so. Meanwhile, enjoy the show!




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