Walter Murch On Final Cut Pro X

Victor Lei is a freelance Video Editor interested in Freelance Jobs

Victor Lei is a freelance Video Editor interested in Freelance Jobs.

Victor Lei : Video Editor and Television Producer

Victor Lei : Video Editor and Television Producer.

I’m looking for someone who wish to hire me as a video editor. If you or anyone you know needs help in some sorts of video editing projects, send me an email to, or leave me a message right here, I’ll be very happy to help. Thank you people!

Postproduction Of My Documentary Project Is Underway

That’s right people. We had a quite successful production on last Wednesday, everything was going good. But more things need to be done before my documentary project goes on air and online. The postproduction has been started since yesterday, and I continue today with setting up FCP project, setting up the sequences, organizing clips on FCP, and look at all interview clips before I start the assembly edit. It should take a few hours to get these done.

Lots of things to do in the next few days, but I hope I could finish the project by the next weekend. Meanwhile, you can take a look on the motion graphic titles that I created for this documentary here. These may not be the best, but I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Great Experience Working On A Documentary

After weeks of conceptualizing, brainstorming, preparing as well as all the preproduction tasks, my documentary project has finally moved to the production stage.

This morning my friend and I went to the location, shot a number of B-roll footage, and because the main character of my documentary is a teacher, I have to get enough footage of him teaching the students or helping students on their class projects. Then my friend suggested me a great idea, he said “why don’t we have a few students talking on camera and ask them what they thought about Misha?" So that we asked one student to be on camera and talk about her thoughts. I think it was quite a challenge because that interview was not on my plan at all, and when I decide to do it, I had to think of some questions immediately, not just getting the best answers, but also the answers that’s going to light up my documentary. Luckily, it was going pretty smooth. After shooting all the B-roll footage this morning, we moved to the interview shortly after 12:30 this afternoon. We setup all the equipment again in a different location, and Misha, who was the interviewee and the main character of the documentary, also helped us on the setup and lighting. After some 10, 15 minutes, everything was ready to go, then we began rolling the camera and doing the interview. The entire interview was pretty good, Misha talked a lot about his personal life, especially his early life stories, and he also mentioned his teaching life in South Korea, as well as his passion to the media production, etc. The entire interview was done around 2:00 this afternoon, and it was going smoothly. The production has been finished and the crew was dismissed half hour later.

I think it was actually a great experience working on a project like this, especially when I was wearing multiple hats on the production of this project, I understand it’s never easy to be a video producer. From the ideas to the actual production, it did really need a lot of works and preparation, you couldn’t anything right away. We must have enough preparation even we are producing a short documentary or any kind of program, as a producer I have to take a lot of things into consideration, so it was a great experience to me.

Tomorrow I should start with the postproduction of my documentary, and I’m going to have even more things to do!


The Progress Of My New Documentary

Last week, I proposed a short documentary about Misha Antonich, a video production instructor at City College Of San Francisco. Actually I have got Misha’s approval, he agrees to be interviewed and featured on my documentary. That means my preproduction of the project has been officially started. I have collected a short text based biography of Misha from his official school directory, and I’m trying visualize his biography by making a motion graphic based timeline of Misha’s life so far, making it look more interested that just throw out the biography without any visual effects.

I have also created the structure of the entire documentary, in my personal notes, I broken down the documentary into 5 sections:

1) A brief motion graphic based timeline of Misha
2) Misha’s early life
3) Misha’s road to media arts career
4) Misha’s life as a teacher
5) Misha’s life as a head of family

The other thing is that I have nailed down a list of questions that I’m going to ask Misha during the interview, and there will be 17 questions, mostly about his career path and his life as a media arts teacher.

Looking at my to-do list, things I’m going to do these two days include collecting pictures and / or videos from Misha as B-roll footage, asking for Misha’s release of those pictures and or videos, searching some CC (Creative Commons) pictures and videos for the documentary, writing down the ideas of the motion graphics and visual effects for the documentary, and much much more.

I’m going to be very busy, but I’m sure it’s going to be all worth it.

Motion Or After Effects?

Few days ago, I picked up a tutorial book for Apple Motion and tried to learn some of the basics. To be honest, even though I own the entire Final Cut Studio Suite, besides FCP, I barely used other applications. When I created motion graphics and visual effects for my projects, 99.9% of them were done with After Effects, only one or two were done with Motion, and I used the templates to get them done because I’m not really familiar with Motion.

Many people, as well as many professional websites and blogs are saying Motion is actually much simpler than After Effects, and it’s the best motion graphics and compositing software for those beginners, After Effects is more advanced software, it can do everything that Motion can do, more than that, there are a lot of  third party plug-ins to help me creating cool 3-D like animation and motion graphics.

If you ask me which software I prefer, I would tell you that I like After Effects better, like I was saying After Effects is more advanced with more plug-ins available, I can even have more controls on the effects and animation that I made, creating some more powerful and awesome visual effects for my video projects. Of course, I didn’t mean Motion is not good, Motion is also a good motion graphics software, especially for those who has just starting learning animation and motion graphics design, it is the best software for them. But in my opinion, if you really want to create much higher level and much cooler motion graphics for your creative projects, then After Effects should be your first choice.

Another thought: You could start with Motion first, after learning the basics you could jump into After Effects, and that would be helpful for you as a motion graphics or visual effects artist.

Motion and After Effects, what would you choose?