Very First Post…

Here I am again, I made another new blog for myself. Well, it is not only for myself but it is also for my profession, that’s why I call it “Official Website For Victor Lei". I mean in this blog, I would share something about my works or projects that I’m doing, rather than tell you a lot about my personal life. Hold on I didn’t mean everything should be “official", but if you do really want to know something about my personal life, there is my another blog: Vicnetian – (Man… I know I haven’t updated my personal blog for months, things have been keeping me busy and tired…)

All right, long story short. Like I said at the beginning, this blog is mostly for my profession, and everything I post here would be what project I’m working, whom I’m working with, the progress of my project, something you should know for the project, what do I think about the project that I have done. Sometimes I’ll also re-post some blog post or news regarding video editing, production, motion graphics from different website and try to give my two cent on what they’re talking about. There is a lot to say with visual media, that’s why I titled my official blog as “Thousand Words", obviously it comes from a saying “a picture is worth a thousand words", and I really believe it is.

This is my very first post here, hope you’ll enjoy everything I post and write on this blog.

Take care.